Reclaiming Who You Are

A note from Jeanne.

The idea that many of us are participating in this half marathon challenge in order to reclaim a part our self that may have gotten lost or pushed aside, for any number of reasons, seems to be a subtext of the desire to pursue this goal and to be included in this group of amazing women.

How do we do this? How do we put a part of us on hold, push our dreams aside, or keep a keen desire hidden? Easy. We begin to live life. We go to work, have children, build families, strive at careers, and go to school or other obligations that are important to us too. We make the choices and sacrifices to move in certain directions at the expense of another. There is nothing wrong with this. It is necessary and important. We choose, often, to move in the direction that most accurately provides for our needs at that time. We make our lives function and perhaps the lives of many other people who count on us.

Sometimes, in those very real and necessary pursuits, we misplace something. We push to the side a part of our heart, our soul and some of our dreams. They are not lost, just pushed aside. Waiting. Wondering when we will take them out to play again. Patiently, they wait knowing that someday there will be time and space for them again.

For some of us, that someday is today. We are letting those delicate and abandoned parts come out to play. Just remember, they have been in the dark for a while. The sunlight may be bright for them. They may feel a little timid. However, they will come.

Let’s play!

Bye for now,

Dr. J.

(See, even I am reclaiming something I had left behind; a title I worked very hard to achieve, and let get very dusty.)

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2 Responses to Reclaiming Who You Are

  1. Jeanne says:

    Hi Karen, Yay, so glad you are doing this and I can get to know you!

  2. Karen Reeder says:

    I love it Dr. J! Wonderful words to start off our week!

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