How is it going?

A note from Jeanne.

If you feel like checking in here and giving an update on your day and progress, obstacles, or if there are questions, please add a comment. Also, if you would like a feed of the blog into your email, there is now an Email Subscription (it’s free) button to the right.

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6 Responses to How is it going?

  1. Anita Agnew says:

    This LONE Ranger is jogging the countryside and enjoying the peace and quiet. Beau, my German Shepherd, is my companion in the wilderness. We have jogged a little over 4 miles 2X this week (of course, taking time to walk a little bit in between). This group is very inspiring and I think about how uplifting everyone is especially Nikki and Jeanne – keeps me going when my body starts complaining.

    • Hi Anita, Sorry it took so long to post this comment. I am learning and it turns out that until someone has an approved comment that the first one needs “approval” and I did not see this in the queue. Anyway, I’m glad you wrote and am glad you and Beau are having that wonderful time together.

  2. Amy says:

    Women Warriors had our first training session today – Wednesday! My team was very supportive and even though I’m sporting a blister or two, I’m excited to get back at it tomorrow!
    I blogged about some of my thoughts here:

    • Jeanne says:

      Amy, thanks for commenting. I like your personal blog, it’s great.

      I need to put up some ideas on how to avoid blisters and avoid pain. My laptop is going to the shop so I’m working on the PC. This makes it harder to do photos, but I will. Glad today went well for you and your group!

  3. Ruth says:

    I so do love my NorCal Cuties!! Great session today…awesome leadership…very positive teammates…so encouraging!

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