Avoiding Pain – Prevention

A note from Jeanne.

If you think your joints and muscles are going to hurt, take whatever you use for pain and inflammation before you workout. Take them with something in your stomach such as a glass of milk, some breakfast, a meal. Not on an empty stomach. That way the meds, whether it is Alleve, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, whatever, it will be working before you have the soreness. This is something you should discuss with your physician; however, to be sure it’s okay for you. Also, please read any precautions and contra-indications on the labels. These are just tips based on my own experience.

Your feet, ankles, knees and hips are going to get worked. Here are two items I use for joint and muscle pain that really help me. They are over-the-counter and I use them layered. You’ll be amazed. Again, I’m not prescribing, just mentioning that this works for me and some other people I have show this too. They are both transdermal analgesics and go into the skin and muscles and have a healing effect. First I slather on some Arnicare Gel then cover it with Myoflex and let them soak in. It’s a good bed time routine as they have time to set in. Or to use in the morning before setting out on a run or walk to ease the joints and muscles before the exercise.

So far I have only found these products up here in Woodland at the older CVS on Main (where Marshall’s is).

As you can see, my tubes are well worn.

I hope this helps, be sure to check with your doctor.


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