Feeling Good versus Feeling Lousy = Overcoming

A note from Jeanne.

Be sure to check the Training Schedule Tab, Week by Week, for this weeks’ info from Nikki on breathing, posture and the Week 2 plan. 

Have you ever asked yourself why it seems harder to do the things that feel good than the ones that lead to feeling some degree of misery? After all, eating healthful foods, getting outdoors, putting on some music, going for a bike ride, dancing around the living room, walking around the block and generally being more active makes us feel better. Feeling good, or better, is an option. Yet, it is an option we sometimes resist.  Sometimes we choose sitting around, being stationary or eating stuff that makes our stomachs ache and our souls feel sad.  We choose to not feel good. It doesn’t make sense to choose feeling bad. But, often we do.

Nikki talked about ‘steady state’ when we met on October 6th.  She explained that when we shift from one state into another, it takes a while for our bodies to shift gears and realize the change. For instance going from sitting down to standing up requires our body to shift states.

Inertia. It’s a law of motion. Basically, this law says that bodies resist change and will stay at rest (or moving at the same speed) unless there is some force which causes that steady state to change.

This week we saw a lot of overcoming of inertia in many lives. So many of you got up, got out, found others to work with or went on your own, did the work and, gauging from how everyone looked Saturday morning, are feeling good about this.

It’s easier to stay ‘at rest’. It takes another force to get going.

You all seem to be summoning that inner reserve. It’s Week 2.  Keep going.

Dr. J.

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