Week 2 – Saturday Morning Run – October 23, 2010

A note from Jeanne.

 I’ll have to admit, when I left my home, it was pouring rain in Wild Wings. I thought, well, at least I’ll drive by and see if anyone came to run. When I drove down Cottonwood and saw all the cars parked at Woodside I was really moved.  It was so reassuring. I even had to park across the street. We are waking up Woodland, Ladies! It was impressive to see how quickly you all did this run.  You all look so radiant when you return. 

I was also touched to see so many women with strollers and children. I’ll admit I was worried as you all took off in the dark and wished I had reflectors for each of you. 

The light came up soon enough though. 


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One Response to Week 2 – Saturday Morning Run – October 23, 2010

  1. Brandi Newman says:

    Hey all,
    I just want to send out some encouragment. The first week I only put in 9 mi., but the second week I put in 12 mi. That was still not the amount I was supposed to run for the week, but I felt good because I had increased my miles from the week before. I bombed out last week and only ran 2 mi. IT’S OKAY! Today I just ran 2.3 and that is all I plan to do this week. I plan to get all of my runs in next week. I hope this might have encouraged anyone who feels that they have fallen to far behind… you haven’t. Just take a bus each week to the city if you don’t get all of the miles in and keep going!

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