Guided Imagery

(A note from Jeanne.)

Okay, Ladies, you have the week off.   Here is something that may be useful to some of you during this time.  Sometimes we just need to devote a bit of time to our inner self and take care of some things that get in our way. 

It appears that Kaiser Permanente has an open link to some wonderful guided imagery and affirmations.  These used to be available on tapes and CDs.  Now they are digitized on line. 

Years ago Beleruth Naparstek began making audio tapes for various healing purposes. Eventually, her guided imagery tapes and CD’s made it into the medical and psychological communities. When “blind tested,” meaning they did a statistical analysis of whether groups who used the tapes improved versus groups who did not, the results showed the guided imagery helped.  Each tape is accompanied by a separate set of affirmations. 

Now, you cannot do the guided imagery when you are running or walking!!!  But, they may help before sleep or when you make some quiet time for yourself.

However, the affirmations are something you could easily take with you in an iPod or whatever you are downloading onto these days.

Kaiser Permanente website:

(There are some podcasts at the bottom of the selection which are not particularly useful, imho.)

Personally, I have used the tape on Wellness for years and also several others over time.  They have helped.  Maybe one will help you.  

Actually, if there is interest, I can arrange a “meditation night” at my home one of these evenings.  Send a comment or an email ( if you think you would want to do that. 

Take care of yourself out there,


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