Stage One – Almost Done

( A note from Jeanne.)

Are you raring to go again?  Did you take a week off?  Did you make up some miles?  However you spent last week it’s time to keep going.  If you are not a runner or walker and you have made it this far are you amazed at reaching this point?  If you are a seasoned runner and athlete are you also surprised that you are keeping going on this?  At this point of recommitment think about the goal and the feeling you will have when you run or walk that half marathon in May.  It’s a long way off and there are many miles ahead, but you can and will do it.  Let me say that again.  You can and will do it.  Keep going.  Talk to your team.  Reset your schedules.  Lone Rangers call me if you need a push! 

Please be sure to look under the tabs as Nikki has updated everything for this week.

Also, your comments here are very encouraging for everyone who checks in.  Please post something about your journey with Pacific Coaster so far if you would like.  We had over 2300 views in October so your thoughts and information are important to us all. 

Bye for now,


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One Response to Stage One – Almost Done

  1. Cruz says:

    Hi PC’s, I had not received anything in a looooong time. Glad to hear Nikki & Jeanne are still out there and providing support. I am interested in an beginners running group or walking. Or just would like to know about the the maintenance goal tracking as a lone ranger. Thanks

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