A note from one of our team~

(This is an email we got from Deb Rowe, one of our amazing PACIFIC COASTERS Accelerating Angels, who asked that we share what she is doing.)

Good afternoon it’s Deb!  And….I’VE GOT NEWS!  Oooo, I’m so excited..please bear with me!  So, you know how I’m going to be in So. Cal. for the Thanksgiving Break and will be spending our time, in and around the Whittier area with my “favorite person on earth” My Cousin Mike and his family. So, I put him to work and asked him to find me a Turkey Trot to participate in!  Sister, did he come through!  I will be at/on Huntington Beach!  And it’s possible that I will be the ONLY PACIFIC COASTER that can say I’ve actually put my feet down on our “virtual route”!  It’s gonna be just great…I’m sooo excited.  And…it’s for a really good cause.  Causelife raises funds to dig wells for clean drinking water in 3rd world countries!  It’s really kinda cool….last year during the Christmas Season…one of my favorite WCS Jr. High teachers (from back in the day when I attended) came to chapel one Friday to speak.  She is now a Missionary in the Gambia and spoke of the deplorable drinking water conditions and had pictures to prove it.  And now, in some small way, I can help in that effort.  It’s kinda neat, if you read over my attachments and the website, it mentions that money for this event will not be spent on timing etc, so that more funds can be sent where they are most needed!  I’M STOKED! “HE” truly has a plan! Now, could I ask a favor of you.  Because I am truly computer illiterate, would you be willing to post a post on our blog so that everyone knows what I’m up too. I’m really excited, want to share and don’t quite now how to get the word out to everyone. Please let me know what you think about my endeavor as well as my favor.  Hope to hear from you soon!  Deb

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8 Responses to A note from one of our team~

  1. Deb Scott-Rowe says:

    Hi~it’s Deb again! Just wanted to give you a little more information about the “Turkey Trot” that I will be participating in on THANKSGIVING! “The causelife 5K/10K will take place on beautiful Huntington Beach, CA. The start and finish will be on the corner of Beach Blvd. and Pacific Coast Highway. I will walk/run to raise awareness of the global water crisis and support for providing clean water for those who have none.
    They say that the course is5K/10K and is flat out and back. You can run and walk the most beautiful beach in America and enjoy the pounding of the surf, cool ocean breezes and the crashing of the white water waves. Look out across 20 miles of the pacific ocean and see Catalina Island in the distance. Walk under the historic Huntington Beach Pier. It’s Thanksgiving morning. This event is for everyone! AND I CAN’T WAIT! I’ll keep you all posted and be sure to send pictures!!

    • Hi again Deb,

      I can feel your excitement about this run. I’m so glad you are keeping us updated here. That is such a beautiful beach and usually you can see Catalina in November, so let’s hope you get one of those famous So Cal days! Also, I’m glad we got to talk a little on Saturday. That makes this all worth it for me.


      • Deb Rowe says:

        Hi Jeanne! Thanks so much for your note above, support and encouragement. I too enjoyed our chat on Saturday morning. But, I must share with you…I’ve made a discovery and the wind is a tad bit out of my sails. I was chatting with my Dad this afternoon about our route. He gently pointed out to me that Huntington Beach is actually “South” of Long Beach…the place where we “started our journey”. Yes, it is still part of PCH but just a bit off of our route! I’m still excited and looking forward to it….but just a bit bummed…just not quite the same!

    • Hi again, Yes, it is south, we went from Long Beach to Manhattan Beach, but it’s not that far off. It’s still beautiful and similar.


  2. Amy says:

    Deb – that’s a great story! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Gaylene says:

    I’m a little jealous, That is really cool:) send us some pictures of our virtual run!

    • Deb Rowe says:

      Hi there, it’s Deb Rowe~the Accelerating Angel that will be doing my “Turkey Trot” on Huntington Beach. I can’t wait! And yes, my plan was to send on pictures to share with the group. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

  4. Deb, Have a great run and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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