A Windy, Gorgeous Saturday Sunrise

(A note from Jeanne)

          Wild Wings Sunrise 6:20 AM Saturday November 13, 2010

We do brave the elements don’t we PACIFIC COASTERS? First we had complete darkness, then rain on two Saturdays and wind today. It was really chilly out there. Good thing you got to warm up with the run. I counted about 43 of us out there today. Nikki will have a better count. When I drove up at 6:30 Simona, Jen and Susan were already done!

We did get organized with the photos today and I’m glad for everyone who came to help me with putting names to faces and also for the extra hands passing out the photos and postcards.

Unfortunately, there were a few women whose photos I wanted to retake from weeks one and two because they were a teensy bit blurry or where the flash hit the white board making your comments hard to read. Nothing major, just something I hoped to correct.  We will go forward with the ones we have.

I know everyone looks at their own photos and wants them redone but, there truly were only a few that were seriously not flattering and fortunately I did get to redo those today. We did end up photographing several new women today and catching up on those who needed a first photo (including me, yay). The light cooperated this morning and I think they all turned out well.

Nikki and I will be putting our heads together getting the photos ready for the CD as a little reward for your hard work in Stage 1.

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One Response to A Windy, Gorgeous Saturday Sunrise

  1. Looks great Jeanne! We were just shy of 50 this morning! Way to go!

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