Stage 2 – A new week, a new start

(A note from Jeanne)

This is a reposting of Nikki’s Week 9 info to keep it front and center. Ladies of the Pacific Coasters, this is the week to get back at it, and there are some alterations in the training format. We are into December! Get out those ear muffs and leg warmers from the ’80! You know, the ones in some back drawer somewhere.

Week 9: Nov. 29-Dec 4

Hi Ladies,
It is time we enter into stage 2. This stage is going to focus on learning some fun running techniques that are designed to give our muscle groups a break. We are also dropping our training days by one in order to accommodate for the holidays and to allow for greater success when sticking to the program.

Training Options
Walkers: Brisk Walk for 4 Minutes/Slow Walk for 1 Minute
Beginner A: Walk 3/Jog 2
Beginner B: Walk 1/Jog 5
Beginner C: Walk 3/Run 12
Current Runners: Do Your Thing

Training Miles
Day 1: 5
Day 2: 5
Saturday: 5 We will meet on Sat. Dec. 4 at the same place we have been meeting on the corner of Ashley & Gibson and we will run the same loop.

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