Form My Run

It was a chilly morning but we still had a great turn out, 38 crazy women! We would like to extend a special welcome to Michelle D. & Jill S. who joined the Coasters team today!

All of those who showed up were entered in a drawing for some Jamba Juice  gear. Winners can collect their prizes next Saturday at our run. Drum roll please:

Margaret C. you won a plastic banana & Jamba tattoos
Corinna M. you won a plastic water bottle
Lea B. you won a Jamba hat
Rebekah W. you won a Jamba canister
Cecilia M. you won a Jamba canister
Amy O. you won a Jamba canister
Tassa B. you won a Jamba backpack

Today we added “form” running into the training program of the Current Runners and Beginning Group C. Click on the link for Form Running or you can also find the same info. under the “Tips & Tricks” heading.  Groups A & B will learn form running in Stage 3.

Thanks again for a great training session! If you wouldn’t mind, could you please comment with an answer to this question: “Why would you suggest training with the Pacific Coasters?”
See you next weekend!

Like how I staged the ambulance for our run!?

Toilet Paper Anyone???

Strong Finish

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One Response to Form My Run

  1. Jill M. says:

    It’s much “easier” to get up early in the morning knowing that close to 100 other women are doing the same thing and if you don’t you’ll let them down.

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