It’s not just about the run. Then, again, it’s about the run.

Here’s what I mean. When the Pacific Coasters was just forming we discovered that women were joining for every imaginable reason. Yes, to run the half-marathon; to set that goal. Yet, it is so much more. It’s about kids, moms, sisters, brothers, families, divorce, marriage, illness, weight, health, fitness, babies, self-worth, regaining control of an aspect of one’s life, making friends, being part of a bigger something and helping each other. It’s about community. We are building our village and hopefully inspiring each other every day. The fact that so many of you were out “doing the thing” in the rain this week really hit me as such an indicator of the dedication to your goals and to each other; dedication that has been there from the beginning and continues to grow and grow. Brava, girlfriends.

As I took a break to go out of town for Thanksgiving and to manage some family things, I missed you!!! I missed the blog, I missed Nikki, I missed going to the early Saturday runs (and I don’t run as you know). Did you miss me? J

Each woman in this group is participating for different reasons. We have already seen some of our members deal with difficult personal times and some emotional moments in their lives. We are here. We are united.

Thank you for those who sent photos and comments about the Turkey Trots.

Nikki asked us to comment about what are the reasons to train with us? Clearly, there are many answers. In this season of the holidays some of us have big families, some of us have small families, some of us do not have any family or at least none nearby. Let’s keep watching out for each other.

If for some reason you have not been able to get out there to do your  miles, tomorrow is another day.

Dr. J

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3 Responses to It’s not just about the run. Then, again, it’s about the run.

  1. Amy says:

    I missed you last Saturday at the end too! When I get there (last) I know you will be there! But there were plenty of smiling faces and encouraging words to make up for your absence! Thank you for what you do to support Nikki and all of us!

  2. Nikki says:

    Jeanne, thanks for all you do…this post was just what I needed to hear.

  3. Karen Reeder says:

    Very uplifting words Dr. J. I did miss you that Saturday when I finished and you weren’t there, as a matter of fact. But I felt guilty, I figured that I couldn’t honestly expect you to be out there. Thanks for all that you do for us! You are amazing!

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