The Threshold

(A note from Jeanne)

The Threshold

In the olden days, before dual pane windows, steel doors and dead bolts, people added a high board at the entrance to their home. The board was set upright so you had to step over it when entering. The board was placed there to hold out the threshing or the straw. It kept messes from entering a home each time the door opened or the wind blew. Hence, the term thresh-hold: keeping that which is unwanted from entering the house.

We still have thresholds at our doors and even between rooms in our homes. But, do we use them? Do we think about what we want to bring in and what we want to keep out? Are we aware when we enter our homes of the attitudes, the products, the literature, the words and the teachings we allow in? A threshold is also a new start, a stepping over and leaving behind the outside or the past.

It is often a choice as to what we allow to come into our lives. Sometimes things, people and events do blow in and take over like uninvited guests. Sometimes we have no control over those events. Other times we do.

Of those times that we do have some control, it is a new year and a chance to keep in mind that there is a choice. I am not one for making big resolutions as it has become clear to me that small changes are the hallmark of grand things. One small change, one tiny gesture, one idea turned into reality, one small kindness, one hope entertained, one dream pursued, one small step in a new direction – these are what make the difference.

As you cross into 2011, or into your home, into your car or office, or out onto the running path, may this be a year of consciously allowing that which you choose as good for you.

All the best in 2011,


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2 Responses to The Threshold

  1. Jeanne, I loved this post! Thanks for all you do! -Nikki

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