Reminder about Thurs. meeting

(This was an email from Nikki earlier this week, just reposting the info here. See you there, Jeanne.)

Hi Ladies,

This is just a reminder about our team meeting this Thursday night.  I strongly recommend attendance, there is a lot of info. we will cover that will help carry us through the rest of our training.  There is a copy of the agenda at the end of this email.  Please come prepared with the following info:
1.  Estimated Finish Time for the Half-Marathon
2.  What training level will you be at for the Half-Marathon (Walker/A/B/C/Run the Whole Thing)

Day:  Thursday, January 27, 2011
Time:  7:00-8:30pm
Note:  Garmin Watch Training will begin at 6:30 for those interested-please bring your watch and make sure it is charged
Place:  Nikki’s Home email me for directions

7:00     Order T-Shirts
            Get missing post cards & DVD
            Taste Different Fuels
            Massage & Reflexology
            Note:  Shoulder & Neck Massage $10 for 10 minutes; Foot Reflexology $5 for 5 minutes
7:20     Meeting Begins
I.       Where are we at with our training?
a.      Speed Play Review
b.      Strength Training Review
c.       Setbacks:  Injuries & the D-Train
d.      Pregnant Runners & Women who Recently Had Children
e.      Form Running Training Options
f.        Destination Running:  Granite Bay & Fleet Feet
II.      Fuel & Hydration
a.      Why:
b.      When:
c.       What Kind:
d.      Recovery
III.     Overview of the American River Parkway Half Marathon
a.      Statistics
b.      Courses
c.       What to expect race day
d.      Registration
8:20     Group Picture (no need to dress in exercise clothing)
8:30     Dismiss

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