Team Meeting Notes

Hi Ladies,
We had a great time getting together at our team meeting. We went over a number of things from fueling to managing setbacks. Because we covered quite a bit of info. I thought it might be helpful to post some notes on the blog. This is the agenda we followed, for more info. on a particular topic, click on it and it will direct you to another area of the blog.

A special thanks to Awakening Wellness for the shoulder massages and Skin Tease for the foot reflexology.

I.       Order T-shirts
II.     Setbacks: D-Train/Injuries/Shin Splints
III.   Pregnant and Postpartum Runners
IV.    Fuel
         1. Overview
         2. Why-When-How -75 minute Rule
         3. Water
         4. Pre-During-Post Run
V.     Destination Training
VI.    Stage 3 Fun Run Options
          1. Angel Island 25k (March 19)
          2. Great Patriot Race 10K (March 19)
          3. Almond Festival Fun Run 10K (March 12)
VII.  American River Parkway 25k Overview
VIII. Golden Gate Bridge Field Trip:  Saturday, May 21 more info. to follow

At the end of the evening, I had planned to take a group photo, but I forgot, I’ll have to grab it on one of our Saturday runs.

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