Lamb’s Wool Info – Reposted

(A note from Jeanne – reposted.)

There is an unique product you can get at the drug store. It’s called lamb’s wool.

It comes in a package like this. There are several brands (no endorsement here).

If you take a piece out of the package, this is what it looks like.

If your shoe hurts, your toes are sore or your heel needs padding, try some.

You take a tiny bit off the roll and put it around or on the part of your foot or shoe that is giving you trouble.

It cushions and makes the area glide without friction.

As you know, lanolin is made from sheep’s wool. It is one of the most lubricating substances.

And so very soft.

You can wrap it around toes, ball it up or use it to pad a callus.

Or a corn, or where ever there is pressure that hurts.

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