Half Way +

 (A note from Jeanne.)

Last week as you ran through the tiny town of Cayucos you reached the halfway point in our journey north to San Francisco. Half way, Ladies! Woot to the Pacific Coasters!

When you finished your 8-mile run/walk on Saturday, everyone said they felt great. There were some tired and strained hamstrings and some joint soreness, but you felt great and looked radiant. It was so amazing to see when I thought back to our first meeting in the dark at Douglas Park. There have been so many changes for the good. Not only the physical changes of increased endurance but also, how clearly everyone is realizing new things about their own abilities. You are an inspiration to me and to each other.

Running the Big Sur! From now on, you will be running the most beautiful highway in the world, the Cabrillo Highway or Highway 1. You will run past Hearst Castle after you go through San Simeon. The story of the Hearst family is that they traveled all up and down the coast looking for the most beautiful property to purchase. In the water are seals, otters, and elephant seals. I know this area well as my father lives in Cambria. The photo that was on top of our website is one I took in Cambria from the boardwalk where I love to be. Therefore, we say goodbye to the first half of our journey. Now you see the Golden Gate Bridge – our goal –  as incentive for you to remember to keep going.

By weeks’ end, you will have put in 265.3 miles as you enter Salmon Cone. It is just a dot on the map, but it gets us farther along our path of accomplishment.

On to San Francisco!

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