Saturday, Feb. 19th Info (from week 19 email)

Saturday:  9 miles Fleet Feet run in Davis
We will be parking in the lot behind Fleet Feet in Davis on 2nd (Fleet Feet  address is 615 2nd between E & F).  The cost is $1/hour (the machine does not give back change…it still owes me 3 bucks).  Fleet Feet will open at 6am to hold our keys, jackets, wallets 🙂 etc.
Walkers & Group A: Meet at 6am to depart at 6:05 (I know it’s early, but it’s just 1 time)
Groups B, C & CR:   Meet at 6:25am to depart at 6:30
We will travel from Fleet Feet to the arboretum (you may want to bring a flashlight/headlamp).  We will loop the arboretum once (3.5miles) then hit a little bit of the UCD campus then finish another loop around the arboretum.  Then we will head back to Fleet Feet for some eats.
Please remember to bring fuel and to fuel up properly before our Saturday run…here are some pointers:
1 Day before:  have a potato (with low fat toppings or you may take a ride on the D-train), give a protein bar or shake a try before you hit the hay (you can even go for a handful of peanuts).  Make sure your urine is clear…this way you will know that you are properly hydrated.
Pre-Run:  have a protein shake/or bar 1-2hrs before we hit the trail.
On the Run:
Begin Fueling:
    Current Runners:  at 30 minutes
    Everyone Else:      at 45 minutes
Fuel (bean/bear/gummy/raisin…whatever your glucose desire) Every:
    CR, Groups B & C: every mile
    Group A and Walkers:  every 10-12 minutes
Drink H20 or Electrolytes:
    Every Mile
Eat a Small Pretzel: This only applies to Group A and Walkers
    At 2.5 hours eat a pretzel every 10 minutes (this helps avoid water intoxication)
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