Aren’t these adorable…THANKS to Deb for coordinating this effort!

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4 Responses to T-shirts!!!

  1. Rosie Mast says:

    I am signed up for the Half Marathon:)

  2. Debbie Ellis says:

    Hello Deb,

    The t-shirts look great! I can pick up my two on our next group run. I missed the last Saturday group run. And if you have any jelly belly packets left I will purchase 5. I am not doing the Angel Island run, but it sure does sound fun. Thank you for doing all the t-shirts. Debbie Ellis

  3. These are wonderful! Thank you again Deb!!

    Jeanne (still out of town ;=(

  4. Deb Scott-Rowe says:

    YES! They are ADORABLE~I MUST AGREE! It certainly was my pleasure to be able to take on this task! It was the least I could do, to “THANK YOU” NIKKI, for giving me the AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to DO “MY” THING!
    🙂 “CRAZY LEGS DEB” 🙂

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