(A note from Jeanne)


Presents are nice. They often come wrapped in pretty paper and are imbued with anticipation. Who doesn’t like opening a gift?

Life, however, is not always wrapped up in pretty paper. It comes at us quickly. It twists and turns.

If you choose to spend time looking back you may find you spend a lot of time entertaining regret or longing. Wishful thinking both: time wasted. If you spend a lot of mental time thinking into or wondering about the future, you may find doubt or fear along with hopeful anticipation.

But, if you choose to spend time unwrapping what is inside, finding what is there, letting all that you are come forward in the present, both the past and the future will be in your hands. You can only do something about the future right now. You can only do something about how things will be – right now. You can only make a difference in how things may turn out – right now.

Making your plan, preparing for your race, must be done in the present. Consciously. Now. Let the inner core of who you are help you to plan your race, help you remember where you need your boosts along the way and how you will call upon your inner strength when you need it. Maybe it’s at the beginning, maybe it’s at mile four or nine, maybe it’s at the very end. Where will you need to unwrap the woman you are? Know now that you are prepared. You have done the work. You know your body better than ever. You know how it works, what it needs and when. You are ready. Unwrap. Find all that you have inside.

 You are so much more than you ever thought. It’s a human gift to be able to look inside. Have you not already done more than you ever thought you could? Remember October?

Honor the strength you have put forth. Honor the woman you are. Honor the woman you have given to yourself – and to your loved ones.

“Do the thing and you will have the power.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

Coasters – Just doin’ the thing – 13.1

Saturday morning April 9, 2011

County Road 17



Heather finishes her 13.1 today.

Nikki watching over her flock

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3 Responses to Unwrapping

  1. Heather says:

    I went the extra mile this weekend and I did my 13.1 Saturday at the end of our 11.5 run. It was 11.5 and just a little bit more. But it was just an event. It was just one run. It was a symbol of who I have become. I have become a runner. I have become stronger, I have more energy, I am more fit, I desire to eat food that is better for me, I am a nicer mom because I have that time just for me each morning, and I feel accomplished each day that I have run X amount of miles sometimes before the sun is even up. I have not been alone on this journey and neither are you ladies. I want you to know that the first 11.5 miles I ran with the Pacific Coasters, but that last mile and a half I ran with my Savior Jesus Christ. He has been by my side the whole time cheering me and telling me I can do it. I have sought to follow His example and run with the one who is struggling. I have felt strengthened because He has been near me. He does not leave me at the end of the run, He goes home with me to run a much more important race that I run everyday and every week. And, He does it for you ladies as well.

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