Race Hints

First and foremost, I just want you all to know that YOU ARE READY!!!  You’ve actually been ready for quite some time, everything you have done over the past few months has been to prepare you for this moment.  You have done the thing and now you have the power to finish the course.  Run YOUR race.  You know what you are capable of, you know what you can handle, and your body knows how to get you there, so trust yourself and run YOUR race.

Running YOUR Race
WARNING #1:  There is going to be a ton of adrenaline pumping through your body Saturday morning, remember not to get caught up in the excitement of the starting line.  You are going to have to force yourself to keep the pace you are familiar with for the first 2 miles.  It is going to feel like you are moving like a turtle, but trust your training, control your body and know that if you start out “slow” you will finish strong instead of vice-versa.  In other words, don’t go out too fast.
WARNING #2:  The last 1/4 mile of your race may be the hardest.  This is your opportunity to let your training take over, allowing you to finish strong.  Plan on running the last minute of your race the fastest.  Don’t forget to cool down after you cross the finish line, remember to walk around for at least 5 minutes after your race.
Mind Games
There is going to be a moment during the race when your brain is going to tell you it’s over, it’s too hard, you can’t do it, just quit.  Little will our brain know that we have a plan for when it decides to send us those negative messages.  Here are some things that have helped pull me through those tough moments:
1.  The Giant Rubber Band
This sounds crazy but it works.  When you hit that wall or you need a little extra energy, you pull out your imaginary giant rubber band and loop it around a runner in front of you.  Imagine that person is pulling you forward and that you are hardly doing any work.  Keep letting that person pull you along until you are able to pass him/her.
2.  Count Your Steps
If you are at a particularly hard part of course and your brain is running a muck, make it do some work.  Start counting your steps all the way to 100.  If you brain is still trying to thwart your efforts, go to 200.
3.  Power Word & Finish Line
Think of one word that defines why you are doing this such as “fighter.”  Find a word with power that you can repeat in your mind for at least 1 minute.  Imagine crossing the finish line and what that will feel like, this will help turn those negative thoughts into positive ones.
4.  Use the People you are Racing
When you reach a lull in the race, use the people who are in front of you.  For example, “I am going to catch that lady in the purple shirt by mile 10.”  Focus on that goal until you accomplish it, then create another challenge for yourself.
Race Bag
Note:  We will have a manned booth at the race where you can leave your bag, keys, etc. 
Contents:  Protein Bars, Protein Shake, Fuel (beans/gummies/raisins), Water, Extra Socks, Shoes for after the race, Sunscreen, Band aids, Safety Pins, Rubber Bands, Deodorant, Jacket, Chap stick, Race Pack to carry fuel in, Watch, Ibuprofen/Advil, Anti-Chafing Stuff, Kleenex, Camera, Race Bib, Running Shoes, Map of how to get there, Cash $20-$30, Plastic Bag
Bib & Timing Chip
For some of you, this may be your first experience with a bib & timing chip.  Secure the bib on the front of your shirt over your abdomen, this way you can be identified in race pictures and they can announce your name as you cross the finish line.  Secure your timing chip to your shoe using the zip ties provided.  Right when you cross the finish line someone will be there to cut off your chip.  It’s grueling, but be prepared to stop, put your foot up on a step and let the person cut off your chip, then you can proceed to cool down.
Rehearse Your Race  (note:  there a few things those running in teams should consider)
Try to think through what race day will look like for you.  How will you handle the start, what if you have to go to the bathroom (will your team wait for you or will you have them go ahead), how will you handle the aid stations, what will you do when you encounter a low or a side ache, how will you cross the finish line, will you cross as a team or allow each other to finish on their own.  Think about why you are doing this, think about crossing the finish line and all of the work you’ve done to get to this point.  Try to focus on the positive but plan for the unexpected.
Create a Race Plan
The First 3 Miles:  A slightly slower pace will allow the legs to warm up before they are pushed into race effort
Between 4 & 8 Miles:  Begin Fueling and make sure you are drinking fluids (sips not gulps); gradually pick up the pace
Between 9 & 12 Miles:  Keep fueling and begin to consider salt if you will be out more than 2.5hrs; keep fueling and hydrating; keep a smooth pace
After 12 Miles:  Cut out the walk breaks and pick up the pace, catch the person in front of you & finish strong!!!!
Remember to Fuel Before, During and After the Race
Beginning Thursday, I would like your pee to be clear.
Friday night, eat a protein bar or something with protein such as a handful of peanuts or a protein shake
Saturday morning, eat a banana and a protein shake 1 hour before the race (no sooner or later)
Race Fuel
Start taking quick sugars 45minutes into your run and remember to keep doing so every 10-15minutes
Remember to alternate water and electrolytes throughout the race, focusing more on electrolytes at the end
Remember to take in salt at 2hr15min if you will be racing for more than 2hr30min
Post Race
After the race, eat a banana and a protein bar within 30 minutes after finishing
Saturday & Sunday continue to keep your body hydrated and your pee clear
Happy Racing!
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2 Responses to Race Hints

  1. brittney bruning says:

    so when are we walking across that bridge??? 🙂

  2. Lynette Hjerpe says:

    Gosh I am so proud of all you ladies! This is such an accomplishment what you are doing! I wish I would have stuck with it but I will be there next time! Go get ’em!

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