Capable of so much more.

(A note from Jeanne.)

This phrase has been echoing in my mind for quite a while. I knew it pertained to our group and all that each woman has accomplished. Yet, the concept just did not gel for me until today, the day we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge as a team of women, as groups of women who trained together according to the needs of their family and their individual schedules, as families who supported their wives and mothers along a demanding, arduous, and personally intense training period. It requires little to remind each runner that they trained for 457 miles over a period of seven months. That we have such a person as Nikki Ochoa in our midst who actually holds a BS degree is Kinesiology and Training for professional exercise. That out of so many walks of life women would sincerely pursue this goal.

The intensity of the community knit together, in fact, held it together. The diversity of the women who accomplished this task is legion. Athletes, young, older, fit, not fit, large, small, healthy, not so healthy and all the in betweens. Nikki and I remarked yesterday after the walk how our group has been void of rancor, gossip, competitiveness, and some of the petty things that can tear a group apart. It has been positive. So, so positive.

Additionally, when you consider the extreme difficulty and trying circumstances some women faced in this time, it becomes more remarkable that they persevered in the weeks and weeks of work. The personal stories touch my heart for what some women are going through and enduring. Yet they proved capability in a completely new sphere of life and accomplishment.

Today when I started out to cross the bridge, honestly, I was not sure I could make it. It’s two miles. Nikki’s encouragement sent me away. Her planning and organization of moving her car and crossing twice to accommodate my walk made it possible. Having her daughter and Heather’s daughter along with me made it an even more joyous and memorable time. We kept our pace and little by little the bridge faded into the background and we were at the end. We even arrived before the others with our head start.

What a great moment. Never would I have considered walking across the bridge. Just the logistics, parking, height, weather and distance felt daunting to me. Yet, I started. One step at a time. We made it across in an hour and 40 minutes. Not bad. It was joyous to see our women and their families come through that final gate.

Capable of so much more. Yes, we are. It is the starting out, the belief, the camaraderie, the discipline, the hope. It gets us to new heights. We get to pull out from our core who we really are and what we are really about as human beings. I cannot express enough how being a part of this group of powerful women has changed my life, added to my sense of the goodness of people and hope of continued love and companionship among us. Thank you all for touching my life.

“Do the thing and you will have the power.” Amen!

We made it. We are capable of so much more that we ever imagined.

oxox Dr. Jeanne

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4 Responses to Capable of so much more.

  1. When I was gettting new glasses at Costco the other day, the very capable, bright young woman at the counter who helped be with my order told me she was about to graduate from UC Davis and she was also clearly pregnant with her first child due soon. So, apparently, she is going to school, fininshing her degree in a hard subject, preggers and wanting to apply to med school in a year or so – and working! We got to talking (of course) and she actually said this exact thing i.e., that we are capable of so much more than we think. Indeed.

  2. Karen Reeder says:

    Thank you for posting this. I am so sad to have missed the day, but needed to be with visiting family, but my heart was with you guys and reading everyone’s words and seeing pictures on the blog and fb make me feel like I was there, your words especially moved me so much. I love you Jeanne and feel so blessed to be part of this amazing group of woman. We truly are so capable of so much more than we can imagine! Those words insipire me and keep me motivated. I am so proud of you for walking that bridge!

  3. Gaylene says:

    Thank you so much for sharing that! It is so true, and it was very wonderful. I know I will never forget this, it has meant a lot to me:)

  4. Nikki says:

    Wow, that was amazing! What a fun day!

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