Just some thoughts…about Kegels!

Well, I gave the “100 Workout” a try. I actually really enjoyed the workout, it took me about 25 minutes to complete and I have noticed my abs getting tighter. My only problem occurred at jumping jack number 18 when I had to make a mad dash for the toilet. Which, brings me to my next topic, yes, Kegels.

I don’t know if you know, but we are supposed to be doing 100 Kegels/day for the rest of our lives!!! That’s 10 sets of 10 Kegels every day!!! So, how do you get your Kegles in…at each stoplight, in line at the grocery store, watching TV, in the car while running kids around….any suggestions?

If you are wondering how to properly to do a Kegel here is a link to the Mayo Clinic with very explicit instructions. Happy Kegeling!

One last thought about YOU…
I want this Fall program to be about setting aside time to exercise, that is why I have given you a mileage or a time option. We want to become consistent exercisers before we begin a rather rigorous training schedule in January. You can either do the miles or choose another activity to do for the designated time. Have fun with this, try out new things, just become consistent and learn how to set aside time for YOU, because YOU are worth it!!!

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