Fuel: Water

Water is the MOST IMPORTANT nutrient for the body.
1. Water needs to be replaced in order to help the body maintain body temperature.
2. In order to be properly hydrated before a long run, your urine should be light and clear the night before.
3. Weigh yourself before and after the run: For every 1lb lost, drink 16oz of fluid (avoid carbonated drinks/alcohol/caffeine)

Water Intoxication
1. Starting the run dehydrated
2. Sweating excessively for more than 5 hours
3. Taking medication that affects the fluid storage & balance systems

1. Hands or feet swell to 2x the normal size
2. Nausea that leads to continuous vomiting
3. Continuous diarrhea
4. Mental disorientation & confusion
5. Severe cramping of the muscles for several miles

How to Avoid:
1. Drink water in small doses during a long run (6-8 oz.) no more often than every 25 minutes.
2. Don’t drink if you hear a sloshing sound in your stomach.
3. After 2-3 hours of continuous sweating eat salty pretzels or mix a small packet of salt with your water every 30 minutes.
4. Continue to eat or drink salty food for an hour after a run of 5 hours or longer.
5. Drink a sip or so of water or electrolyte drink with every pretzel.
6. A the end of long run, for hours afterward, even if you are very thirsty, don’t drink more than 8 oz of water about every 30 minutes. It is OK to drink some electrolyte beverage which is not diluted.
7. The electrolyte beverages don’t have enough sodium to get you back to balance, but the carbohydrates in them will slow down the absorption of water.