Fuel: Why-When-How

How to get the right amount of fuel
so you don’t hit the wall or the porta-potty.

Where do we get our Fuel?
1. From glycogen (a form of glucose (sugar)) that is stored in the muscles & liver.

Why do we need to Refuel?
1. We have a limited amount of glycogen stored in the body (about 60 minutes)
2. When we run out of glycogen our muscles and brain run out of fuel resulting in feeling physically fatigued & mentally drained.

When do we Refuel?
1. 75 Minute Rule
If you work out less than 75 minutes you can rely on your glycogen stores & prerun fuels.
If you work out more than 75 minutes you need to begin refueling 30-60 minutes into the workout.  This depends on your speed and distance:
-Faster Pace/Longer Run: Begin around 30-45 minutes
-Slower Pace/Shorter Run: Begin around 45-60 minutes

How do we Refuel?
1. We learn by trial & error.
2. Note: A hummer needs more gas than a mini cooper.

What should we watch for?
1. Too little or too late: blood sugar roller coaster
2. Too Much: sloshing/bloating/cramping