Changes in Your Body
1. Joints: Hormones relax ligaments putting you at a greater risk for injury.
2. Balance: Center of gravity shifts, putting you at a greater risk for injury.
3. Tired: When you breastfeed a hormone is released that makes you and your little one tired. If you are too tired to go out for a run, then it’s OK to stay home. Enjoy this time of your life.

Exercise Program: Consult your physician before continuing.
1. Avoid doing Speed Play workouts (no mile repeats or fartlek training)
2. Lower your intensity (i.e. if you are currently group C, drop down to the group B program)
3. Focus on the new finish line…your little bambino
4. Consider doing the 5K instead of the 25K
5. Monitor your intensity by always being able to hold a conversation during your workout

For more information visit the American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists