This section is designed to help add some variety to your daily runs.  As I introduce different training options I will add them to this site.

Strength Training Exercises

Fartlek Training (FL)
Swedish for “speed play,” consisting of two speed components, High & Low.  Build strength by increasing muscle mass and increases endurance by forcing the body to work anaerobically.

Form Runs/Walks
Form Running/Walking is just a fancy way of saying “changing up your form” during your workout.  The idea is to give your main muscle groups a small break allowing them to recover so you can go longer and decrease your risk of injury.

Hills + 800 (H800)
Teaches the muscle fibers to withstand fatigue caused by challenging terrain and improves aerobic capacity.

Intensity Runs/Walks (IR)
This is a speed play workout in-between a Farlek and a Mile Repeat designed to increase strength and endurance.

Long Run + Race Pace
Designed for long distances to help build endurance and confidence in maintaining speed in the final miles and to help the body become accustomed to running on fatigued legs.

Mile Repeats (MR)
A form of speed play utilizing two speed components, Medium & Slow.  Designed to build strength by increasing muscle mass and to increase speed and endurance by pushing the body slightly faster for an entire mile.

Mile Repeats + Sprints (MR+S)

RSR (Run Strength Run)
Fits into almost all everyday runs.  Includes a small strength component to help create that heavy leg feeling felt at the end of long runs without actually going the distance.

Tempo Runs/Walks
This workout is designed to set your internal pacing clock.  The idea is to hold the same temp throught the entire session (minus your warm-up and cool down portions).