Form Running

Form running is called such because it focuses on using different “forms” of running.  When you change up your form during a work-out you allow for the main muscle groups to recover, resulting in an increased ability to go farther, faster.  This type of running is also very gentle on your body.

Form Terms:
1. Race Pace: That is your normal running form, what you do most of the time.
2. Acceleration Gliders: This is a 1 minute interval designed to give your major running muscles a break
Turnovers: You shorten your stride and move your feet a little more quickly for 30 seconds.
Gliders: This is the same movement you would use if you were running down a hill, you do this for 30 seconds after your do turnovers.
3. Walk Break: This can be as long or short as you would like. Remember, this is not a BREAK but a different FORM so keep it BRISK.