Long Run + Race Pace (LR+RP)

Note:  This workout is only for Long Runs

Long Run:  Any distance longer than what you have ran in the last 3 weeks.

1.  Builds endurance & confidence in maintaining speed in the final miles.
2.  Helps the body become accustomed to running on fatigued legs.

I.      Warm-Up:  1 Mile (SLOW)
II.    First 1/3 of Mileage:              1 Minute Slower than Race Pace
III.   Second 1/3 of Mileage:         Add in a short recovery period (walk break)
                                                          1 Minute slower than Race Pace
IV.   Last 1/3 of Mileage (not to exceed 4 mi):  15 seconds faster than Race Pace
V.    Cool Down:  0.50 miles