Strength Training Workouts

We will be using the following exercises to build up our core muscles which will help us become more efficient, stronger runners/walkers and help to reduce injury. 

I have divided our strength training exercises into two groups, A & B.  Workout A will only involve push-ups and crunches, while workout B will cover the back extensions, planks & leg lifts.

Click on the links to find out more about each exercise.

We will begin with 5 push-ups and progress to being able to do 20 consecutive push-ups.

We will progress from being able to do 20 consecutive crunches to being able to do 50 crunches and incorporate oblique workouts as well.

Back Extensions
We will be doing static back extensions which we will hold for 5 seconds working up from 5 to 15 reps.

We will be doing two types of planks, front and side.  We will begin by holding each plank for 10 seconds with 4 reps, working up to being able to hold each plank for 40 seconds doing 10 reps.

Leg Lifts
We will be incorporating 4 different types of leg lifts, progressing from 1 set of 5 to 1 set of 15.